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Print Management, Magazine Production, Origination Services,
for Print and/or Digital


Preservation, Archiving, Stock Imagery, Photography as Art, Media Capture, Equipment, Memorabilia & Ephemera

Information Management

Consultancy for Information & Records Management, Document Management & Control, Business Management


  • intelligen Limited are  owner and publishers (and contributors) to IDMi magazine. Information & Document Management international is a B2B (Business-to-Business) periodical with print and digital editions published bi-monthly.
  • intelligen also publishes other titles both in print and online in a digital-only format.


  • Closing The Gap: A 7-part article on the complete life-cycle of document management
  • 2-part article on document & data migration
  • multipart article on system analysis
  • multi-part article on the use of microfilm as a long-term secure and non-technology dependent storage medium


  • Author of an ebook on the scanning of all types of media, including paper, microfilm and photographic film

Currently ....
Producing comprehensive scientific and technical documentation on an intelligen-developed ground-breaking process which allows the long-term storage of digital originals on a low-cost medium - which is not reliant on digital technology





Glass Plate Project

  • Preservation, conservation and archiving of a 450+ item glass plate photographic collection
  • Scanning images into digital format. (Example at right)
  • Cataloguing & indexing by key words
  • Placement into inert long-term storage medium
  • Marketing of the image content
  • Preservation of glass plate images to both film and microfilm based media.

Currently ....
JWB Collection
This is a multi-photographer collection of over 100,000 images held on glass plate (above), and as colour and monochrome negatives and transparencies, from Quarter Plate down to half-frame size. With a date range from 1911 to the present day, and containing social, landscape and architectural images of the UK and Europe, the intelligen remit is to preserve all 5 photographers works, disseminate and evaluate the condition and content, then catalogue and index to a taxonomy structure. Finally, the collection is to be commercialised with content to be published, and images licenced for use by the public as well as historical, learned, or other institutions.

No Working Title (YET!)
Collecting, evaluating and cataloguing, a wide range of photographic equipment and printed photographic ephemera for a forthcoming project.


Electronic Document Management (EDM)
Assai DCMS |
Cimage | Documentum

Business Management Systems (BMS)
Agility (Business Port) | Sharepoint

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP
Maximo | SAP

Skills Utilised:
- Requirements, business, and systems analysis
- System functional and design specification
- ITT authoring
- Post-ITT evaluation / scoring
- Vendor engagement and induction
- Installation & initial system set-up
- System configuration
- System analysis / design (on-going requirements)
- Content analysis (data & documents)
- Migration (of data + documents)
- File to file conversion
- Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversion
- Data cleansing
- Help and training collateral authoring
- Digital / Computer Based Training (CBT)
- Knowledge Transfer (KT) to key users / admin
- Handover and training for IT/Service Desk
- Data & document capture (low/med/high volume)
- Transition project assessment (data/documents)
- Transformation roll-out planning (data/documents)
- Technical authoring of:
    high-level philosophies
    procedures, specifications & processes
    technical system and administration documents
    work procedures/instructions
    system manuals
    training manuals and help guides
- Computer Based Training construction & editing

In The Past ....
intelligen has:

Specialist Video System
Developed a PC-based sub-sea inspection video retrieval system, for engineers to view specialist sub-sea pipeline inspection videos (with simultaneous views of port, starboard and central camera footage). This was coupled with KP survey data extracted from the survey system and migrated into an MS Access database, with the data displayed adjacent to the footage.

Development of an integrated system for the storage, retrieval and presentation of document and image sets into an online/intranet page-turning environment.

ISO Standards
The principal of intelligen is a former member of an international microfilm standards committee. This required familiarity with British Standards (BS), International Standards Organisation (ISO), and U.S. military (MIL) standards for the microfilm archiving of data and documents.

Hollerith Data Conversion
Conversion of 650,000 aperture cards (with 80-column punched Hollerith data,) from microfilm aperture cards into Excel, ready for import into an EDMS.

Mainframe Data Conversion
Assistant Project Manager on the supervision of the conversion of 8,000,000 IBM mainframe records, into a format suitable for import into a client-server based EDMS, including validation and verification and data cleansing.

System Integration
Various projects including:
- Linking an IBM mainframe-based SAP system with a contemporary EDMS
- Maximo > Documentum
- Documentum > Maximo
- SharePoint > BMS (Business Management System)

Migration Projects
- System to System (e.g. Assai to Sharepoint)
- Optical disk to HDD
- Content from HDD to microfilm
- Microfilm to digital
- Digital to microfilm

Microfilm Titling Systems
- Created a titling system for use in the microfilm publishing of step-and-repeat microfiche, which used lithographic film techniques and contact printing of text directly onto film.

Auto-exposure By-pass System
Invention of a camera auto-exposure by-pass system to allow planetary microfilm cameras to capture consistently exposed images onto colour microfilm.

Tag-based Engineers Access System
intelligen designed and implemented a browser-based system to enable a FTSE 250 oil and gas company to have their engineering tag-data more accessible to engineers, by allowing a drill-down approach to get equipment data using a taxonomy.

intelligen Home: Consultancy, contract & freelance services for ICT, Web & publishing

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