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General IDMi Information

Subscription Options: Print-only | Print+Digital | Digital-only


REVISED for 2018 - DIGITAL-ONLY Subscription 29.99*


Subscription Rates
Subscriptions comprise 6x issues per annum. Print subscribers have access to the digital edition of IDMi* on request.

Subscription options are:

  • Europe and Rest of the World 99 (Payment in GBP () only please**)

  • UK Only 79 (Payment in GBP () only please**)

  • Revised for 2018 - DIGITAL-ONLY Subscription 29.99*

Subscription Agency Discount

10% Worldwide


* Revised for 2018, this digital-only subscription is identical to the print edition except it is made of pixels and not paper! Access is available as soon as published and for advertisers, digital-only, and print+digital subscribers and controlled-circulation readers. (Other readers may preview and optionally - purchase the issue.)
A note about VAT and digital subscriptions: For VAT purposes, digital-only subscriptions must carry 20% VAT in the UK, and unless you provide us with a valid VAT number, 20% in the EU too. This is due to digital magazine subscriptions being classed as a 'service' for UK tax purposes.


**    We prefer UK Pounds for payment because in this day and age, paper cheques do not sit well with banks, particularly from non-UK sources and even if they are in British currency. We try to maintain subscription prices but with ever-increasing postage costs, and increasing costs from the bank to process cheques - we prefer electronic payment. (We can be charged in excess of 25 to process a cheque, which means with the printing and postage on top, we make a loss on that subscription.)


How to Order a Subscription

We have several methods of accepting payment, and are continually reviewing these and also looking at new methods such as Direct Debit for UK subscribers.

In order of our preference, the methods are:

BACS/SWIFT/BIC/Internet Transfer

1.    Email with a request for an epayment of the subscription

2.    We raise a pro-forma invoice and email to you as PDF with the payment details

3.    You pay by BAS/SWIFT/BIC or direct internet payment

4.    We do the rest


PayPal - Quick, easy, and you do not need a PayPal account

IDMi Printed Magazine Subscription Options (1 year x6 Issues):

Via a specialist corporate/institution subscription agency

1.    Select from the list of agencies or websites we work with from the list below

2.    Arrange the subscription and make payment to them

3.    They contact us with your details

4.    We do the rest

Subscription Agencies we currently deal with:

1.    EBSCO

2.    Harrassowitz (Germany)

3.    LM Information Delivery (Finland)

3.    Prenax (Incorporating Basch)

5.    WT Cox Information Services

NOTE: We used to deal with the following who are now in liquidation:

1.    Cengage/Gale

2.    SWETS


Direct with a cheque (Cheque payment is restricted UK subscribers only - sorry - blame the banks)
STOP! Is there another way?

As of 31st December 2015, we no longer accept cheques from non-UK banks as payment.
As of 31st December 2018, we will no longer accept cheques for ANY payment.

Until December 31st 2018, UK bank cheques need to be cleared before we will process a subscription.



Subscription Web Sites

You can order IDMi subscriptions for Print Editions only from:


Phone Us: +44 1807 580455


Write us using Snail-Mail:


Accounts + Subscriptions + Editorial

intelligen Limited (Dept. IDMi)

Gordon House

The Squre


AB37 9ET

United Kingdom






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Editorial Policy: IDMi take privacy and accuracy very seriously. The views expressed in ANY content held online in our sites, linked to (from within our sites,) or published in print, is not necessarily that of any member of IDMi or intelligen Limited personnel. E&OE

FREE! - View our Digital editions
Why am I allowed to do this?*

* Digital editions eIDMi:001 to eIDMi020 were completely different issues to the print issue.

They were provided free to any IDMi Newsletter subscriber. From eIDMi:021 onwards, the digital

edition is taken from the print issue, but is modified to suit online reading.

It is held back for 2 months after the print issue is released, so it is all historical news.


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Preservation, Archiving, Stock Imagery, Photography as Art, Media Capture, Equipment, Memorabilia & Ephemera

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IDMi is a wholly owned subsidiary of intelligen Limited, a company registered in Scotland SC406750. Email:

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