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IDMi Magazine Information

General IDMi Information

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IDMi is published bi-monthly, which, (contrary to how it reads,) means there is an issue every two months.


There are 2 editions:

  • IDMi, which is the main print magazine

  • eIDMi, which is the digital equivalent

IDMi In Print

This is the main magazine edition, goes to recipients worldwide, and is the edition received by:

  1. Subscribers

  2. Advertisers

  3. Show/seminar/exhibition partners

  4. VIP's in the information and document marketplace

  5. Other readers on our rolling list of occasional recipients

Note: Now we have our rolling mailing list completed, if you are not any of the first four groups, you will only get a copy of the magazine on average, once every 5 years. (We have been doing this since 1969, so we have a big list.) So to guarantee you always get a copy, please subscribe here.


IDMi in Digital

This is the secondary edition called eIDMi, which goes to an entirely different list of recipients around the world. As the title suggest - it is only in digital format.


What's the difference?

  • eIDMi is on a two month holdback so that subscribers and other readers have priority readership

  • eIDMi has interactive links to the URLs and email addresses from advertisers and in the B2B Marketplace pages

Other than that, apart from the news, the content is the same.


Note: Back in 2013 the digital edition held entirely different content to the print edition. However, as the recipients of the digital version form an entirely different list to the print edition readership, IDMi were effectively having to run two magazine production workflows. Since Q2 in 2014 the digital issue is a re-purposed version of the print issue, converted for web use.


Historical Information

This is provided for completeness and as a cross-reference.

Printed Edition Publishing Schedule - 2015


Printed Edition Publishing Schedule - Historical

We have included the list below as on occasion we have to re-align issues with months. The issue count continues but the month might jump. This may be for a number of reasons, business or technical, or simply to align an issue (or issues) with a major event.

Note: This doesn't affect subscribers or advertising campaigns as they still cover a 6x issue or 12x month period.

Print & Digital Merge

As mentioned the digital edition became a multimedia (re-engineered) version of the print edition, but with a 2 month holdback and conversion for web use. For completeness, the following page list shows where the merge took place.

Note: We are currently working on the digital editions of 85 and 86.



Back Copies

The history of the publication goes back to 1969 when it was originally called the Micrographics Newsletter. Very few of those issues exist although we do have one or two. More recently (2002) when the Micrographics Newsletter (by then under the snappy title 'Micrographics and Hybrid Imaging Systems Newsletter,) merged with the UK publication Microfilm Marketplace. The new publication was named 'The Green Sheet', simply because the original newsletter was printed on bulk-buy paper - which was green! So from 2002, when the first issue (001) came out as  'The Green Sheet' through to January 2006, when it was re-branded as 'IDMi', we actually have a paper copy of every issue.


As a result, back-copies are available as follows:

Print Issues

Micrographics Newsletter 1969 - 2002 1-? No back copies
Microfilm Marketplace 1986 - 2002 1-? Scanned copy available on request
Green Sheet 2002 - 2006 001 - 051 Full set of back-copies
IDMi 2006 - to date 052 onwards Full set of back-copies apart from issue 79 (Printing alignment error meant no overs or returns)

Digitised Version (of Print Issues)

Micrographics Newsletter 1969 - 2002 1-? None
Microfilm Marketplace 1986 - 2002 1-? Available on request
Green Sheet 2002 - 2006 001 - 051 Available on request
IDMi 2006 - to date 052 onwards  

eIDMi Digital ONLY Edition

IDMi 2010 to 2013 001 - 020  




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Editorial Policy: IDMi take privacy and accuracy very seriously. The views expressed in ANY content held online in our sites, linked to (from within our sites,) or published in print, is not necessarily that of any member of IDMi or intelligen Limited personnel. E&OE

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* Digital editions eIDMi:001 to eIDMi020 were completely different issues to the print issue.

They were provided free to any IDMi Newsletter subscriber. From eIDMi:021 onwards, the digital

edition is taken from the print issue, but is modified to suit online reading.

It is held back for 2 months after the print issue is released, so it is all historical news.


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