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Genus announce launch of unique Scannx software into UK - now configured to work on Zeutschel Scanners

Scannx is a leading developer of cloud-based document scanning and delivery solutions for archives and libraries. Scannx book scanners and software are the first in the industry to provide direct scan-to-smartphones and tablets with patents pending, self-service scanning with a user-friendly touchscreen interface, and Scannx Cloud Services® tools that IT will love. Scannx Scannalytics gives you the insight to improve your library’s operations. With real-time reporting and tangible metrics, this book scan analytics system gives you clear insight into your library’s workflow. See where your operational strengths and bottlenecks are, as well as where to enhance document management efficiency.

Send scanned files to an email, USB drives, Smart Phone, Tablet, Google Drive, network folders, printer, Family Search and Odyssey. Optional add-on connectors include scanning to OCLC Article Exchange, and ILLiad. Digital copies can be referenced repeatedly and shared with others whilst significantly reducing paper usage. The Scannx Document ScanCentre can automatically auto-crop, auto-straighten and auto orient each page scanned.

Accessibility and Disability Features – Scannx software comes with a number of accessibility features to help those with disabilities. Technology can help remove some of the many barriers met by people with disabilities. By using technology for tasks such as reading and writing documents, those with disabilities can handle a wider range of activities independently. Visual Assistance Tools, Magnifier, High Contrast Setting, Audio Narrator and Book Reader are just some of the helpful tools.

Now Scannx is available with the Zeutschel A2 and A3+ preservation systems – zeta, chrome, OS15000 and OS16000. Combined with powerful and friendly touch-screen control from Scannx, you are provided with exceptional solutions for archival-quality document retention.

Genus have been promoting the Scannx software in the UK for a few years but now the software has been configured to work seamlessly with the four entry-level Zeutschel units – zeta, chrome, OS15000 and OS16000.


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