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JERLAURE builds a TIER III Proximity Datacenter cooled by the sun. 

Because both share the same values regarding a collaborative digital economy which enables regions to prosper, it is quite naturally that NETIWAN, a local telecom operator from the South of France, assigned to JERLAURE the design and building of its future proximity Datacenter, which will have the particularity to be directly cooled by the sun's heat. 

A datacenter connected to its environment
Coming directly from the brand-new line of proximity Datacenter patented by JERLAURE and named SYNEcTHIK DC, this proximity Datacenter, in addition to be classified TIER III and highly secured, will be extremely efficient energy wise with a PUE < 1,15.
These remarkable performances are made possible by mixing several technical and technological innovations:

  • The use of Total Indirect Free Cooling as a cooling solution, allowing the use of outdoor air
  • An innovative aeraulic concept, which overcomes the need of duct diffusors, raised floor and false ceiling,
  • An electrical architecture allowing to operate on efficient performance ranges.
And for the first time, a Datacenter will be able to be directly cooled by the sun's heat. Indeed, the SYNEcTHIK DC line includes a disruptive innovation, for which JERLAURE owns a worldwide exclusive distribution agreement. This technology can produce cold out from the sun's heat without any power consumption.
Thus, this Datacenter will be connected to its environment from an energetic point of view through the air and the sun, but also from an aesthetic point of view, since its covering allows it to fully fit the landscape planned by the Local Urbanism Plan. Its architectural design, realized by CREGUT practice, brings in a modern image, simple yet high-tech, while contributing to the Datacenter process.
At least, the site is located right into the Backbone of the national telecommunications network and at the crossroads of several regionals Public Initiative Networks (PIN), and thus in order to offer a high quality and competitive connectivity between the Datacenter and its different users.

A Datacenter worthy of the greatest, adapted to the proximity market
With its high availability and resiliency level (24/7 monitoring), NETIWAN's future datacenter will be worthy of the greatest and will feature on the same map as the major actors of the market. Designed to be scalable to fit the need of the local economy, the datacenter, with an IT surface of 535m, will have a hosting capacity of 80 racks maximum, divided between colocation services and dedicated suites. In addition, a land reserve will allow the building of a second building to extend the datacenter capacity to 120 racks maximum.
The datacenter power will follow the ramp-up of the load from 100kW IT until 600kW IT, offering an average density of 5kW per rack for its clients.
Besides the purely technical aspects, JERLAURE designed this Datacenter to enable NETIWAN to welcome all types of clients, including the most critical ones such as healthcare hosting data or bank data clients (ready for HDS and PCI/DSS certifications).
The delivery is expected for the first trimester 2018 with the foundation stone laid in June. This Datacenter is a true concentration of Innovation, Know-How and ethics and enables to optimize greatly the investment and operational costs (CAPEX/OPEX).




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