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Advertisers (Past & Present)


ACPi Magazine

ACPi Magazine (Archiving, Conservation, Preservation international) is a spin-off of IDMi Magazine. A digital-only bi-monthly, publication began in January 2017. As it is born-digital and will remain digital, ACPi has the advantage over IDMi in that it can provide much more in-depth and more profusely illustrated articles than print allows IDMi. Appealing largely to anyone working within the disciplines of archive, conservation and preservation, the magazine also covers restoration. All elements are dedicated to printed ephemera, works of art and graphics/illustrations, which need to be protected for decades to come.
More at or call  0044 1330 820030

CCube Solutions


OITUK Ltd., trading as CCube Solutions, specialises in providing Electronic Document, Content, and Records Management solutions, with Workflow and Electronic Forms, based on the CCube software suite. Systems scale from small departmental applications to large enterprise-wide solutions and include: the CCube Portal, Electronic Forms, Content Searching, Workflow, and CCube Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS), offering specialised solutions across the Public and Private sectors.
More at or call  0044 1908 677752

Crowley Company (inc. Wicks and Wilson)
The Crowley Company - World Leader in Digital and Analog Document, Book and Film Scanning

For over 30 years, Wicks and Wilson has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards scanners. Now a part of The Crowley Company, the combination of Wicks and Wilson and Mekel Technology expertise provides for the strongest line of digital and analog capture hardware manufactured and distributed by a single firm. Through Crowley’s renowned conversion services bureau, premier archival preservation and records management services are also available.
More at or phone 001 240 215-0224

Genus IT
Genus is a solutions provider for the entire life-cycle of documents, books and microfilm, dealing with their creation, access, scanning, archiving, and retrieval. UK based specialists in imaging, document, archive and print management throughout the world. We advise on and provide solutions for document and image archiving/access.
More at or call 0044 24 7625 4955

ibml provide solutions to companies around the world to automate their most demanding document scanning and in-line data capture applications and drive their transactional document management.
More at or call 0044 1483 549818


Research and development result in progress and success. We know that and have used it continuously since the inception of our company.
Our staff has more than thirty years of experience, giving us our greatest potential. This know-how shapes our products and results in ongoing innovations. In 1992 we presented our first solution for document scanning – we were very good then, today we are much better.
Using experience to achieve progress – InoTec.

More at or call 0049 6036 9708 0

intelligen Limited

Established in 1995 as an information management consultancy for the UK oil & gas and nuclear sectors, intelligen has roots going back to the early days of 'desktop' computing in the 1980's. intelligen now has a world-wide client-base and has worked closely with a number of Fortune 500/FTSE 50 and space and defence companies on a variety of projects. Now the company is publisher of IDMi magazine, and encompasses other print media and digital publishing initiatives. intelligen is also involved in conservation, preservation and archiving of printed ephemera, and has strong connections in learned and research institutions and organisations around the world.
More at or call 0044 1330 820030


Microform Imaging provides one of the most comprehensive multi-document scanning and filming services in the UK. Our services are driven by the information management needs of our customers: reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing secure access to essential records. We are able to scan all types of document from small receipts to large format drawings in a variety of file types and provide bespoke document management software to complement this.
More at or call 0044 1924 825 700

Micrographics Data - Singapore

Micrographics Data (est. 1989) Asia’s leading micrographics and preservation solutions provider. We provide a wide range of micrographics & preservation equipment/services.  We are also the global exclusive Singapore Press Holdings newspapers micropublisher.
More at or call 0065 64727255


nextScan is a developer of leading edge technology for the micrographics conversion and document management industry. nextScan’s innovative products are designed and built with a simplicity and functionality that aim to increase user production and lower overall cost for scanning film and fiche.
More at or call 001 208 514-4000

Sunrise Imaging

SunRise Imaging, Inc. is an international market leader for high-performance microfilm digitising systems. SunRise scanners are used in more libraries, government agencies, state archives, service bureaus and corporations than any other scanner in the world. To bring new life to your archived files, the SunRise system offers flexibility and delivers superior image quality for more film formats and film challenges than any other single scanner. Unique 3-in-1 design handles multi-film formats with a single investment. Point and click user-friendly interface. Superior image quality. User-Friendly wizard guides for effortless film set up. SunRise’s patented, continuous scanning technology allows the scanner to operate at its optimal level to achieve “high-speed” conversion for both bitonal and grayscale formats.
More at or call 001 949 252-3003

The Microfilm Shop

The Microfilm Shop manufacturers and distributes the widest range of microfilm and microfiche consumables and equipment available in the world. Supplies:Fujifilm Microfilm, Ozaphan Diazo and Fiche, Microfilm Jackets, Spools, Boxes, Chemistry, Aperture Cards, Cabinets, M-type cartridges plus many more. Software: Specialist CAR, Oracle and Archive Writer microfilm software plus full range of Document Management software. Equipment: Microfilm, Fiche and Aperture Card Scanners. Microfilm writers. Processors, duplicators and production equipment. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact us.
More at or call 0044 (24) 7625 4955

Wicks & Wilson (A Crowley company)

For over 30 years, Wicks and Wilson has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards scanners. Now a part of The Crowley Company, the combination of Wicks and Wilson and Mekel Technology expertise provides for the strongest line of digital and analog capture hardware manufactured and distributed by a single firm. Through Crowley’s renowned conversion services bureau, premier archival preservation and records management services are also available.
More at or call 0044 1256 842211


Media Organisations (Connected with IDMi Magazine)

Broad Group


BroadGroup is an Information Media Technology and Professional Services company. We support companies in making their important decisions on market strategy and conduct commercially sensitive due diligence. Working closely with its clients, BroadGroup provides a value chain of research, publications, consulting and conference services focused on datacentre, cloud and IT Infrastructure. Established in 2002, BroadGroup achieved rapid recognition and growth through delivering quality research and insight in a number of niche and emerging areas of the telecommunications and technology sector. Since founding, the Datacentre and Cloud practice has been the main focus of the company. BroadGroup has now become the leading international research and consulting group in this area, through three business lines: consulting, market reports and events.
More at or call 0044 (0)207 199 5732

Groteck Russia

Groteck Business Media is a leading B2B publisher and events organiser serving security, telecom, IT and broadcasting markets in Russia since 1992. Groteck delivers a complete portfolio of print and online media, and networking services to support any marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives in Russia. Groteck offers 23 professional publications including Security & Safety Magazine and Catalogue, VIDEO & VISION, Fire Safety Catalogue, Information Security Magazine, Communications Technologies and Equipment Magazine, Broadcasting Magazine.

More at or phone 0749 564 70442


Originally a U.S. publication called 'Micrographics Newsletter', IDMi (Information & Document Management international) got its new title in February 2009. The magazine has grown considerably both in-print and online, and now incorporates three other titles; 'Micrographics Marketplace', 'The Green Sheet' and the snappily titled 'Micrographic and Hybrid Imaging Systems Newsletter'. Covering all aspects of IM, IDMi will appeal at all levels from the CEO/CIO, to the end-user and casual observer of all things IM. IDMi have truly been 'Keeping you informed since 1969'.
More at or call 0044 1330 820030

Info Watch


InfoWatch has been active in the information security business for more than 10 years. Once a small Kaspersky Lab project, it evolved into a group of companies that protects enterprises against various information security threats. InfoWatch is a group consisting of several companies that develop software products and integrated solutions to ensure information security of organizations and combat external and internal security threats. InfoWatch Group has 20 offices in Russia, Germany, Belarus, and Malaysia. Main R&D office in Moscow employs over 300 specialists and experts in the development, implementation, and promotion of proprietary products and technologies.
More at or call 0749 522 90022

Internet of Business


Want to know more about the Internet of Things? How it impacts your job, your company and even your profession? Well, good news, because you’ve come to the right place.
Internet of Business is a publication focusing specifically on how the Internet of Things age is upon us, and how it is already making businesses of all sizes more efficient, productive and profitable. There is little doubt IoT is already here and changing the way we work; doctors are using wearables to diagnose patients, retailers have beacons to personalise the in-store shopping experience, while manufacturers have sensors in equipment to predict when it is about to break down. Insurers and banks track expensive goods across the world using geolocation and sensor technologies.
More at or call 0044 (0)20 3841 8330

Nexus Media


Site down. No further info at this stage.
Revolution Events Since 1999, Revolution has organised over 500 high quality business events, encompassing everything from board-level roundtables and multi-venue roadshows, to international conferences and exhibitions for several hundred exhibitors and thousands of visitors. Taking a highly collaborative approach, we have worked with a diverse range of commercial, government and not-for-profit partners.
More at or call 0044 1892 820930

we.CONECT Global Leaders is a young, owner-managed, medium-sized company from the heart of Berlin and subsidiary office in London. We are proud of our independence which allows us to sustainably provide our services to our customers on the market. We operate at the heart of the global knowledge-, information- & technology communities. We serve customers from all industries & sectors, in Germany, Europe & globally.
More at or call 049 (0)30 5210-7030






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